For Over 20 Years, We Bring Insight, Experience, And Authority To Keep You Safe, Informed, And Prepared

PCC Secure Is A Global Security Consulting & Training Firm

Our purpose is to mitigate personal risks and provide proactive security solutions utilizing advanced protection techniques and cutting edge technologies in a discreet and confidential manner.

When faced with the challenges of a hyper connected world, we bring insight, experience and authority to keep you safe, informed and prepared

STAR Power Sessions - Personalized Coaching

Receive feedback with a seasoned expert in security and risk management is the fastest and most effective way to identify and mitigate risk and stay ahead of the curve. STAR power sessions are tailored to your organization, your goals and your unique concerns, covering topics that range from investment to strategy and operations related to risk management.

You will leave each session with actionable steps that you or your team can implement immediately.

Speaking Engagements

Our informed speakers are available for a variety of events, either on site or virtual, including keynote addresses, breakout session presentations, moderation of tabletop exercises, as well as executive retreat presentations.

Online Training

PCC Secure offers comprehensive training and education programs designed specifically for employees, security forces, managers and supervisors as well as first responders. Our goal is to provide awareness for all, especially existing security entities creating an atmosphere of confidence and competency at all levels of the organization as they identify and mitigate potential threats.

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You only panic when you're not prepared!

An elite security company that provides protection for those who may be vulnerable because of their status. In the modern world, executives, celebrities, and private citizens are targeted by multiple parties for information and intruded upon in their privacy on a daily basis.