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One-on-one, confidential executive coaching by former Executive Vice President and board member of Diversified Security Solutions (AMEX:DVS), Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for NYC’s Office of Emergency Management, and 20-year veteran of the NYPD.

Security expert providing executive coaching

The Challenges Facing Senior Leadership Today Are Unprecedented.

A rise in workplace violence makes keeping employees safe more complicated.

Rapidly advancing technology is difficult to keep up with.

Liabilities and risks influenced by geopolitical forces are increasing. So are threats.

Intellectual property leaks are all too common.

Guard services issues and firearms policies are challenging to navigate.

Yet, executives are under pressure to operate with leaner budgets.
A STAR Power Session Can Help

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Providing Consulting Services to Corporate Leadership for Over 20 Years

Personalized Coaching

Receive feedback with a seasoned expert in security and risk management is the fastest and most effective way to identify and mitigate risk and stay ahead of the curve. STAR power sessions are tailored to your organization, your goals and your unique concerns, covering topics that range from investment to strategy and operations related to risk management.

You will leave each session with actionable steps that you or your team can implement immediately.

While each STAR power session is personalized, previous sessions have guided senior leaders in making impactful decisions by:

  • Identifying, responding to and mitigating risks and security vulnerabilities
  • Developing robust security and risk plans to reduce liability
  • Maximizing current security investments
  • Providing advice and support through crisis management situations
  • Offering insight into new  technologies and how to budget for them
  • Laying the foundation for a safe future

About Sal

Sal Lifrieri conducts confidential STAR power sessions in person and virtually. As president of PCC Secure, Sal provides specialized threat and vulnerability assessment services, counter-terrorism consulting, corporate investigations, and an array of specialized training, security safety and threat mitigation programs to Fortune 500 companies, international entertainment corporations, religious institutions, schools and major real estate firms. Learn more about his experience.

To best meet your needs, STAR power sessions are available in two-hour sessions, a monthly subscription, or a three-month intensive executive coaching program.

Keep your employees, your organization and your information safe and secure.

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