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Do You Need Our Concierge Security Services?

Concierge Security Service (CSS) is an elite security program that provides protection for those who may be vulnerable because of their status. In the modern world, executives, celebrities, and private citizens are targeted by multiple parties for information and intruded upon in their privacy on a daily basis.

From the curious celebrity follower to the more aggressive (and possibly life- threatening) stalker, high net worth individuals reputation, pursuit of happiness, livelihoods, and possibly their physical safety – and that of their families – may be at risk.

We understand the most important threats you and your family feel today are: Physical, Cyber, Travel, Collectibles and other possessions, Investments, and Relationships.

The Protective Countermeasures CSS program is unparalleled in the security industry today. Each client and environment is unique, so each program is specifically curated to address your unique needs.

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