Protect Your Business From Cyber Criminals

PCC Secure can help protect your business from cybercriminals by identifying security vulnerabilities and putting a plan in place to address them.

2021 saw an average of $787,671 lost every hour due to data breaches.

Cyberattacks are becoming more common, more sophisticated and much more costly as businesses rely on technology to power their daily operations. Compromised information technology infrastructures can result in denial of service attacks, data breaches, theft of intellectual property and even manipulation of stored data.

Cyber criminals like to target businesses in the financial services, healthcare and retail industries. A survey found that 69% of respondents believed that cybercrime was an unavoidable cost of doing business. Cybersecurity is a critical component of your business infrastructure and should be considered with as much importance as other key elements such as quality control or employee training.

Cyberattacks Are Becoming More Common

You probably already know that cyberattacks are becoming more common, but did you know they’re also becoming more sophisticated and much more costly? As businesses rely on technology to power their daily operations, the number of cyberattacks is growing.

The results of these attacks can be damaging to your business and its customers. But if you have an effective cybersecurity program in place, you’re better prepared to handle a breach than most companies—and even turn it into an opportunity for growth.

Common Cyber Attacks

Common attacks that can take place against your company’s information technology infrastructure include:

  • Denial of service attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Manipulation of stored data

An example of a denial-of-service attack is when hackers send thousands upon thousands of messages to a server in an attempt to crash it. This leaves no room for legitimate users to access the system and disrupts operations until the problem is resolved.

Data breaches occur when cyber criminals gain access to private information such as credit card numbers and banking details. They may also steal private documents or other confidential material such as employee pay stubs or payroll records.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a form of hacking in which the hacker tries to convince an employee or other people with access to your computer system to provide them with information.

Cybercriminals can gain access to valuable information through physical infiltration, hacking into networks, or unsecured WiFi networks. This may happen if a laptop is left unattended in public places like coffee shops or airports.

Cybercriminals Target Certain Sectors

These are some of the most common targets for cybercriminals:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare industries
  • Retail industries

Why? Because these organizations have a lot of valuable data that can be used to steal money or cause disruption. Cybercriminals may also want to steal information from your systems, which they can use to manipulate data and damage your reputation.

Cybersecurity Should Be A Critical Component Of Your Business Infrastructure

It is important for you to have a plan in place that will allow you to protect your business and its data from cyberattacks.

Planning and testing are key to success, so make sure that you test regularly with real-world scenarios. There are many different types of cyberattacks, so it is helpful if you can create several different plans for each type.

Find out where your business is lacking with a security assessment

Want to know where your business lacks cyber security? We offer a security evaluation. Our 3-point system ensures that your protection is comprehensive and up to date.

  • Our experts will visit your office to assess how vulnerable your company is to threats.
  • We provide pricing on each area that needs improvement as well as recommendations for how best to protect against those threats. For example, if there are specific applications that need updating or patches that need installing, we’ll let you know what they are so they can be done immediately (and often at no cost).
  • Once the fixes are complete, we will inspect in person to check if everything is working correctly. We will also help identify and fix any issues.

We hope to have given you some insight into the world of cybersecurity, and how it can impact your business. To make sure that you are prepared for whatever comes next, we suggest that you conduct a security assessment with PCC Secure who can identify any weak spots in your network before they’re exploited by hackers.

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