Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Course (Group Course)

Course Description:

Utilizing the latest recommendations from the US Department of Homeland Security, instruction is given to recognize potential work place violence / active shooter situations and steps to take in response from the victim’s perspective. The lecture identifies what occurs during an active shooter situation and how the victim could possibly respond to escape or survive.


Course Content:

Section 1: Welcome
Section 2: Increasing Awareness / Preparing for Action
Section 3: Law Enforcement Rescue Teams
Section 4: Building Security Procedures
Section 5: Indicators of Violence
Section 6: Advance Planning
Active Shooter Training Knowledge Check


Who Is This Course For:

Security Guards
Security Personnel

Sal Lifieri
Security Consultant, Author, Lecturer
Sal LifrieriMr. Lifrieri is currently the President of Protective Countermeasures Inc., a security firm located in New Rochelle New York specializing in threat mitigation, investigation and training.

He is often sourced by both the local and national news media for commentary on security and terrorism related stories; is a published author and frequent lecturer.

Christine McQuillan
Course Designer, Content, and Producer
Christine McQuillanChristine is an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Illinois State University and worked as a teacher in inner-city Chicago before becoming a flight attendant.

Christine eventually became an instructor at the Republic training center in Indianapolis, Indiana. She specialized in training new hires and re-certifying current flight attendants on topics such as passenger safety, transportation security, and a wide variety of emergencies.


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